Chapter One – 100 Years of Friction Material

Chapter Two – Developing the Process

Chapter Three – Mixing

Chapter Four – Compounding Room Layout

Chapter Five – Preforming

Chapter Six – Heat & Pressure Curing

Chapter Seven – Processing Wet Friction Materials

Chapter Eight – Industrial Friction Materials

Chapter Nine – Drying & Baking

Chapter Ten – Grinding & Abrasive Cutting

Chapter Eleven – Drilling

Chapter Twelve – Printing & Painting

Chapter Thirteen – Rebuilding

Chapter Fourteen – Health Considerations

Chapter Fifteen – Understanding Friction Materials

Chapter Sixteen – Raw Materials

Chapter Seventeen – Carbon in Friction Materials

Chapter Eighteen – Woven Brake Linings

Chapter Nineteen – Sintered Metal Friction Materials

Chapter Twenty – Railway Braking

Chapter Twenty One – Clutch Facings

Chapter Twenty Two – Friction Material Manufacturing

Chapter Twenty Three – Cost, Cash & Commitment

Chapter Twenty Four – Basic Quality Assurance



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